Smart Parking Solution

Simplyture removes the complexity of administering parking, while offering unique insights into the parking facility and its customers.

Imagine you could monitor your parking facility from anywhere, reduce the cost for parking permits, better optimize your prices and know more about your customers.

With Simplyture, you get all that, and much more, as our smart parking solution makes the whole experience convenient, simpler, and more efficient!

Digitalise Your Parking Facility

Simplyture is the new way of administering your parking facility efficiently.

By combining our advanced software solution with license plate recognition technology, you reduce cost on permission management, get a cloud access for total control and a constant overview of the parking facility.

And that’s not all! Simplyture’s artificial intelligence reveals a world of new insights into the parking facility and its customers. You can now optimize your parking prices, communicate with your customers and focus your marketing efforts.

Time-Saving Admin System

Digitalise your parking facility! Manage everything from anywhere. It's smart, it's simple and it's efficient.

With our cloud-based system, you can easily have full control over operations, permits, and much more - saving the time and resources! We remove the need for expensive access controll hardware, parking enforcements officers, or time consuming administrative tasks.

So whether you are the administrator of a parking facility, or in charge of daily operations. Simplyture's smart administration system will make your job much easier!

Parking Admin

Value-Generating Insights

Simplyture’s smart parking system is also able to gather a wide range of anonymised data, which helps you optimise both your parking facility, and adjacent businesses.

Statistics on many variables, such as geography, demography, and occupancy become available. This data is interpreted by our artificial intelligence, and used to propose tangible actions that will be the key to improving your business.

Now it’s easier than ever to understand your customers and focus your marketing efforts, which leads to an increase in your revenue.

Data & AI

Offer Customers the Best Experience

Simplyture allows your customers to park smarter than ever before! No barriers, no physical tickets and no payment machines required.

Our cameras scan the customers’ license plates, both upon entry and exit of the parking facility, registering the duration of their visit. As a Simplyture user, payment will happen automatically from the credit card they attached to their license plates. Otherwise, they can use our payment machines, or pay later on our website. Simplyture provides a satisfying, user-friendly parking experience that will keep your customers coming back.

The app also provides you with a useful tool for communication with your customers. You can now customize what messages they get upon entering or leaving your parking facility, so it is easier than ever to spread relevant information!

Want to hear more?

Do you also want to digitalise your parking facility, optimise your business through unique data insights, and offer your customers the best user experience?


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