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  February 10, 2021

Simplyture is excited to announce the integration of our parking solution with Parkman’s mobile application!

Parkman is one of the leading parking apps on the market that primes itself for its user-friendly interface that simplifies the parking experience for everyone. Alongside EasyPark, ParkPark and other mobile apps, Parkman is joining the catalogue of parking payment options that is giving customers even more choice when it comes to paying for their parking sessions.

  October 19, 2020

An overview of Simplyture’s new sites in London

Simplyture’s free-flow solution is the new parking solution that is revolutionizing the parking market all over Europe: barrier-free and ticketless, we pride ourselves in ensuring that we provide the smoothest parking journey in the world with fewer steps. With our seamless solution, we remove all the stress commonly associated with parking for both visitors and carpark operators, by simplifying the whole experience from beginning to end.

  October 15, 2020

Launching Simplyture Sweden and Simplyture Finland! Meet our new country managers

Simplyture has had a very significant growth in the past few months, and as we are quickly solidifying our solution as the ultimate free-flow parking innovation in the market, it is now time we focus on accommodating that growth in the long term.

  September 28, 2020

Visit the luxurious Skøyen Atrium in Oslo and enjoy Simplyture’s free-flow parking solution

With its exquisite design and outstanding architecture, Skøyen Atrium is one of Oslo’s largest office buildings, with an impressive area of 62,000 sqm.

  September 8, 2020

P-Huset Levysgade: a new concept in parking, and introducing Parkicar

At Simplyture, we always embrace new challenges and love pushing ourselves further: we want to thank our new friends at Levysgade in Horsens and ParkPark for trusting us in this new adventure and embracing the free-flow concept.

  July 8, 2020

Simplyture has paved the way to London and is now available at Croydon Whitgift

We’re very happy to inform you that you can now find our parking solution at Croydon Whitgift. This shopping and office development center is located in Croydon, London. With 121,001 square meters and over 43 shops, Whitgift is a vast shopping center in London frequented daily by both shoppers and office workers.

  July 7, 2020

A warm welcome to our new client, Slotsarkaderne

Slotsarkaderne is a beautiful shopping centre located alongside pedestrian streets in idyllic Hillerød. With 1.900 available parking spots, it offers both the largest and best located carpark for anyone visiting this fantastic town. And from now on, it also offers what is indisputably the best solution in the parking technology market.

  June 16, 2020

Do you want to experience the easiest parking journey in the market? Simplyture is now up and running in Amager Centret!

Parking has never been easier at the newly renovated Amager Centret! This popular shopping center with over 65 stores right next to Amagerbro’s station has implemented our Simplyture Parking Intelligence solution.

  June 8, 2020

Visit Frederiksberg Centret and experience Simplyture’s revolutionary parking system – and also meet our brand-new payment terminals!

Frederiksberg Centret, commonly named FRB.C Shopping, is the newest addition to the growing list of shopping centers that chose Simplyture’s intelligent solution to manage their parking facilities.

  May 18, 2020

We’re launching in Norway’s biggest shopping center: Sandvika Storsenter

Sandvika Storcenter is the biggest shopping center in all of Norway, with around 200 shops, cafes and restaurants. Located in the center of Sandvika and close to the capital city Oslo, this impressive shopping center is now part of Simplyture’s growing and remarkable list of clients.

  March 26, 2020

Parking safety and Covid-19

As the whole world is entering into unprecedented times due to the current Covid-19 situation, we would like to let you know that we’re keeping everyone in our thoughts – not only our dear customers and their families, but also small businesses, healthcare professionals, the elderly, people with underlying health conditions, and anyone struggling with this situation.

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  February 12, 2020

From a traditional background in technical installations to being the most reliable supplier of the latest cutting-edge technologies

Since it’s conception in 2000, make:net has evolved from being a traditional electricity installer with various tasks varying from construction, industry and services, to a being a front-runner in the technological field with competence in multiple digital branches such as parking, monitoring, alarming, machine learning and IoT.

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  January 30, 2020

Why we need Smart Parking Solutions

We live in smart cities, use smartphones all the time, read about smart homes and flying cars. Does it mean that everything is (or should be) smart?

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  January 15, 2020

Are Smart Parking Solutions eco-friendly?

Parking is often associated with negative emotions: it can be frustrating, old-fashioned, and akin to navigating a maze.

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  September 10, 2019

A breath of fresh air for Simplyture UK – Meet David Stone

We’re happy to introduce our new colleague and the new head of Simplyture UK, David Stone. Based in Bristol, David has over 30 years of work experience within the Parking industry from Development and Production, to Service, Project Management, Operation and Sales.

  May 9, 2018

Come enjoy a frictionless parking experience in Odense Banegård!

We’re happy and proud to announce our new parking facility in the lovely city of Odense. We have implemented ‘Simplyture Parking Intelligence’ in Odense Banegård where we are already making the visitors’ driving journey as pleasant and effortless as possible! Our frictionless journey in Odense includes: No entry or exit barriers – just drive in! No paper tickets No fines No need to check-in Many payment options to suit your needs, including 2 customised and user-friendly payment machines And more! With the warm weather approaching, it is now the perfect opportunity to visit Hans Christian Andersen’s birthplace and try our innovative parking solution. Whether you’re in the mood for some shopping, or just want to visit the Danish Railway Museum, the parking facility is located right in the city center […]

  January 31, 2019

Introduction to Arne Molden, spearheading Simplyture Norway

After a very successful introduction to the Norwegian market in 2018, we are ecstatic to present to all of you Arne Molden who is our new partner in the newly established Simplyture Norway, a subsidiary company located in the gorgeous city of Oslo whose goal is to facilitate and strengthen the business relationship with our partners and clients. We are very grateful for this opportunity and want to thank all our partners in Norway for their trust, support and constant inspiration. Our wish for Simplyture Norway is to always offer the best possible service and to make parking as effortless as possible. For sales equiries related to Norway only, please call +47 466 34 160 Meanwhile, you can find our innovative parking solution already up and running in AMFI Stord, […]

  January 31, 2019

The parking revolution is arriving to two of the largest shopping centers in Denmark – Field’s and Bruuns Galleri

Following the success of Fisketorvet, more and more shopping centers are adopting the Simplyture solution to improve their customers’ parking experience. We are proud to announce that we are currently working on the implementation and fine-tuning of our Simplyture Parking Intelligence solution to provide a seamless parking experience to two of the most impressive shopping centers in Denmark: Field’s, located in Copenhagen, is one of the largest shopping and entertainment centers in Scandinavia and the biggest in all of Denmark, with over 150 stores covering a wide range of items, and 3000 parking spaces divided in two floors to fulfil the customers’ needs. Bruuns Galeri is Denmark’s largest indoor-city shopping center located right in the heart of Aarhus. Over 100 stores provide the visitors with all the shopping they need, and the car […]

  April 29, 2019

Enjoy the new seamless parking solution at Field’s Shopping Center

Field’s, located in Copenhagen and known for being one of the largest shopping centers in Scandinavia, has now improved its parking facility by choosing Simplyture’s Parking Intelligence as their parking solution. The new solution is now live – come and try it! With over 2500 parking spots, every client has now fewer of the pains commonly associated with parking. The system is completely hassle and barrier-free. Advanced ANPR cameras will detect the clients’ license plate numbers and all they have to do is park their cars, and then pay as they leave the facility by using one of our 9 modern payment machines, the EasyPark app, or online up to 48 hours after their visit. It’s really simple! Even better – clients going to Nordisk Film Biograf can obtain 4 […]

  April 29, 2019

Simplyture is now live in Bruuns Galleri

Simplyture’s Intelligent Parking Solution works by replacing barriers with cameras using advanced License Plate Recognition technology, which means that as a driver all you need to do is park your car in one of the 933 available parking spots before enjoying some shopping. You can now enjoy an innovative barrier-free parking experience at the shopping center Bruuns Galleri, in Aarhus. This was made possible by an invaluable collaboration with our partners Klépierre and Parkzone. Simplyture’s Intelligent Parking Solution works by replacing barriers with cameras using advanced License Plate Recognition technology, which means that as a driver all you need to do is park your car in one of the 933 available parking spots before enjoying some shopping. Payment is made simpler: we provide three different payment methods to better suit […]

  April 29, 2019

Simplyture Parking Intelligence is launching at AMFI Moss

From now on, you can find our parking solution at AMFI Moss, in Norway. This shopping mall has over 70 stores and is located right in the center of the lovely coastal town of Moss. Clients can enjoy up to 3 hours of free parking at the shopping center, and if they plan on staying longer, all they have to do is pay for the parking period before they drive out of the facility – and that’s all there needs to be done, as our intelligent License Plate Recognition solution takes care of the rest! We are very thankful for all the trust and support we’ve been receiving from our Scandinavian neighbours and friends in Norway, and will work hard to keep improving the parking experience for them.

  May 8, 2019

New headquarters in central Copenhagen!

To accommodate our growing team, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve moved our offices into a larger space in Dampfærgevej, next to Amerikakaj and a short 10 minute walk from our previous location! Our new and improved home is located in central Copenhagen, at a lovely location with a gorgeous view of the canal. With twice the size of our old location, our new offices allow us to grow even bigger and have more private meetings with clients. In this time of transition, Simplyture would like to thank all our clients, suppliers, and colleagues for your business and support as we continue working hard on our mission of delivering the best smart parking solution possible. Feel free to come and visit us at our new location. Let’s have a coffee […]

  May 21, 2019

“When an idea becomes reality” – A successful collaboration between Simplyture and Metalwo

At Simplyture we know that part of our strength lies in the quality of our partners and suppliers. We’ve carefully chosen partners we strongly believe in, and we’re constantly inspired by their passion and care. Going the extra mile ensures that we offer a better user-journey for our customers and top-notch quality in both our hardware and software solutions. In the case of our ADK – Access Control, we outsourced the hardware components to Metalwo while we focused on the software development at Simplyture. This was a process where needs were evaluated on both sides, and the product was perfected thanks to Metalwo’s know-how and meticulousness. Metalwo is an innovative company, created in 1939 in Aarhus, that focuses on the manufacture and tailoring of quality metal-work solutions, in collaboration with […]

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  June 5, 2019

Simplyture is an exhibitor at Parken 2019

We are happy to announce that we are exhibiting at Parken in Wiesbaden, Germany. This event encompasses all the latest trends in parking technology and we are excited and proud to be a part of it. If you are in the vicinity feel free to come to our booth (Nord C57) for a chat with Jonas Ørting, Martin Mose and Arne Molden while you enjoy some candy, coffee and refreshing drinks. We are showcasing multiple solutions at the fair, such as our License Plate Recognition cameras, Payment Machine, Easy Guest Parking, Easy Guest Reservation, ADK, and our brand-new Intercom. You can experience all of this today (05.06) and tomorrow (06.06). We are having a blast and hope that you can join us! Parken – 05.06 to 06.06.2019 RhenMain CongressCenter Wiesbaden, Germany