The parking revolution is arriving to two of the largest shopping centers in Denmark - Field's and Bruuns Galleri

31/01/2019 08:51

Following the success of Fisketorvet, more and more shopping centers are adopting the Simplyture solution to improve their customers' parking experience. We are proud to announce that we are currently working on the implementation and fine-tuning of our Simplyture Parking Intelligence solution to provide a seamless parking experience to two of the most impressive shopping centers in Denmark:

Field's, located in Copenhagen, is one of the largest shopping and entertainment centers in Scandinavia and the biggest in all of Denmark, with over 150 stores covering a wide range of items, and 3000 parking spaces divided in two floors to fulfil the customers' needs.

Bruuns Galeri is Denmark's largest indoor-city shopping center located right in the heart of Aarhus. Over 100 stores provide the visitors with all the shopping they need, and the car park is open 24 hours a day, with 1000 parking spaces.

At Simplyture, we consider this a huge stepping-stone to our success and our team is working hard to ensure that every single customer has a pleasant and effortless parking experience.