Simplyture in finals at MIPIM

03/04/2016 12:35

Simplyture participated in MIPIM this year, between 15th and 18th of March 2016. We are the only Danish company that was selected to go forward in the finals in the start-up competition at MIPIM, out of over 200 applicants. Jonas Ørting, Simplyture's CEO, was there to present our products to leaders of the real estate industry from all over the world.

Simplyture's vision is to digitalise the parking industry. By using license plate recognition technology and artificial intelligence, we make it easier to park and pay. As a Simplyture user, clients can register their license plates and credit cards in the system. Payment for parking can thereby happen automatically, when they park in the locations working with Simplyture. More to this, we are digitalising the entire administration of parking facilities, making it easier and cheaper than ever to manage operations, increasing efficiency and control.

It was a great experience to be a part of this conference, get to pitch in front of so many inspiring companies, share ideas and meet so many interesting people. We got inspiration and energy to continue working hard and revolutionise the parking industry.