Introduction to Arne Molden, spearheading Simplyture Norway

31/01/2019 08:33

After a very successful introduction to the Norwegian market in 2018, we are ecstatic to present to all of you Arne Molden who is our new partner in the newly established Simplyture Norway, a subsidiary company located in the gorgeous city of Oslo whose goal is to facilitate and strengthen the business relationship with our partners and clients. We are very grateful for this opportunity and want to thank all our partners in Norway for their trust, support and constant inspiration. Our wish for Simplyture Norway is to always offer the best possible service and to make parking as effortless as possible.

For sales equiries related to Norway only, please call +47 466 34 160

Meanwhile, you can find our innovative parking solution already up and running in AMFI Stord, Sandens, Lillemarkens, and a lot more to come in the upcoming months, for which we are very excited to tell you more about soon!

To a great and successful 2019 to all of you - smile, its just parking!