Simplyture at Fisketorvet - more than parking!

26/08/2017 16:10

Simplyture has worked close together with one of the biggest shopping centres in Denmark, Fisketorvet, to implement a new and user-friendly parking experience. With Simplyture parking at Fisketorvet in Copenhagen is now: 


  • Free flow in and out of Fisketorvet. In other words it is a frictionless journey:
    • No barriers 
    • No paper tickets 
    • No fines 
    • No need to check-in (you are automatically checked in)
  • Members of Fisketorvets loyalty club is now integrated with Simplyture, so that they automatically get 2 extra hours of free parking
  • Many smart payment options:
    • Intuitive payment machines
    • Third party apps such as ParkPark and Easypark
    • Mobile Pay
    • Online payment after exit
  • And much more


This way customers get a much more pleasant visit to Fisketorvet without beeing fined for forgetting to set their parking desk.

Simplyture - Driving Simplicity