“When an idea becomes reality” – A successful collaboration between Simplyture and Metalwo

21/05/2019 07:18

At Simplyture we know that part of our strength lies in the quality of our partners and suppliers. We’ve carefully chosen partners we strongly believe in, and we’re constantly inspired by their passion and care. Going the extra mile ensures that we offer a better user-journey for our customers and top-notch quality in both our hardware and software solutions.

In the case of our ADK – Access Control, we outsourced the hardware components to Metalwo while we focused on the software development at Simplyture. This was a process where needs were evaluated on both sides, and the product was perfected thanks to Metalwo’s know-how and meticulousness.

Metalwo is an innovative company, created in 1939 in Aarhus, that focuses on the manufacture and tailoring of quality metal-work solutions, in collaboration with their customers. Simplyture’s CEO, Jonas Ørting, said that “The collaboration between Metalwo and Simplyture is a perfect example of where an established company collaborates with a start-up – successfully. With their expertise in designing and manufacturing beautiful aluminum products mixed with our software skills, resulted in a user-friendly solution, now used by millions.”

In our philosophy, long-term partnerships are the key to achieving mutual success. We are committed to deliver the best business value to our partners and suppliers.

We recommend you visit Metalwo’s website to learn more about their projects and this particular collaboration with Simplyture.


Simplyture and Metalwo