Parking Data

Simplyture data intelligence offers unparalleled data insights about your parking facility and its visitors. By collecting data information regarding the parking activity and your customers, you will be able to make smart decisions and improve your business.

Smart Data Insights

Parking Data

Simplyture's digital platform collects information about the parking facility and its visitors. You will gain insights into multiple datapoints and how they develop over time, together with smart customer insights that will allow you to optimise the parking facility and your marketing efforts.



Simplyture offers precise parking data , such as the occupancy rate in your parking facility. You can see what the peak hours are, and when your parking facility is rather empty. Analyzing this information can help you optimise price structure, in order to improve the occupancy rates in your parking facility.

Customer Insights

Knowing more about your customers allows you to target your marketing efforts better, and optimise your business activity based on their behavior. Customer insights, such as information about where they come from, their age groups, gender, frequency of visit and duration are extremely valuable when making decisions.


Simplyture's data intelligence platform also collects parking data and information regarding the daily turnover in your parking facility. You will be able to monitor both the completed and outstanding payments, based on your customer segments and time periods. This allows you to identify potential issues and improve your parking management, enhancing your business and generating more income.