Unlock the full potential of your facility


With Simplyture’s comprehensive parking administration platform, you can digitalise all key services related to your facility. Make your life easier by having full control over all aspects in real-life from anywhere you wish.

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Live insight of all your facilities

Overview of all aspects

The platform gives you a clear picture of everything that is happening in your facility in real time, thanks to an intuitive dashboard that displays key indicators such as: occupancy, turnover, payments, operations, and more. Update pricings dynamically and instantly, export data intelligently, manage contract customers and so much more.

Understand your customers and market more intelligently


Intelligent monitoring & surveillance

Manage your hardware at a distance

The platform displays a live overview of all the hardware components, and also a list of all events (what went down, when and why). See which components are working and which ones require your attention. When something requires attention, designated roles will be instantly notified. You can reboot components at the distance of a click, and look into the payment machine screens remotely to see what is happening.

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Manage digital parking permissions



The system facilitates the full digitalisation and administration of contracts digitally, eliminating the need for physical key cards. If the customer parks longer than what is allowed in the contract, this is automatically registered in our excess usage list, and they can be charged afterwards creating a new revenue stream.


Grant a sublicense to a department and customer, so they can add/delete/edit license plates themselves, thus removing the burden of managing permissions.

Advanced price engine

Update your prices in real-time

The platform allows you to create and prioritise multiple pricing structures for the same carpark: choose from pricing types, give free parking, special prices for weekends or holidays, and much more. Your prices are updated and displayed instantly on the payment machines and/or infoscreens.

Dynamic pricing

Optimise your pricing structures for the current occupancy in your carpark. Charge less for parking sessions when your facility has low occupancy, and charge more when it’s nearly full.


Invoice system for unpaid sessions

Send invoices and avoid lost income

You can customise and send invoices to customers that drive out of your facility without paying (or that didn’t pay online within the allowed time frame). Depending on the country, we either have access to the car owner's address and do it ourselves, or we send the parking information to a parking enforcement company that will handle the debt collection.

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