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Provide your customers with a smooth payment journey

Elegant, sturdy, and adaptable for indoors and outdoors environments. Every curve, nook and cranny was carefully designed to ensure durability and sleekness. With a 22’’ smart touchscreen, speakers, a thermal printer, card
payment, and much more, the Copenhagen range is perfect for those who wish to stand out with a top-of-the-market payment solution.

This is the basic offer in the Copenhagen range, with all that is needed to provide your customers with a smooth payment journey.

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Copenhagen Coin

The sleekness of Copenhagen with a coin hopper for physical payment

Like the other offers in the Copenhagen range, Copenhagen Coin is the perfect addition to those who wish to stand out with a top-of-the-market smart payment solution that is chic, modern and durable.

The Copenhagen Coin is the most complete offer in the Copenhagen-range by allowing for physical alongside digital payments. It is available in two versions: one with a basic coin hopper that merely accepts coins and doesn’t give back change, and an advanced hopper that returns change.

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Copenhagen Wall

Suitable for smaller spaces

The Copenhagen Wall payment terminal is wall-mounted and can be mounted at any height for accessibility. The fact that it doesn’t require a physical stand makes this model the most flexible one in the entire Copenhagen range, while still containing the same components as Copenhagen.

The Copenhagen range is perfect for those who wish to stand out with a top-of-the-market payment solution.

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Ideal for smaller parking sites

The Helsinki range of payment machines has a 15,6″ screen and includes the components needed for contactless card payments: it’s got keypad terminals, as well as a thermal printer and a QR-code scanner.

All of this comes in a rounded look in black matte metal and the signature Simplyture design: modern, minimalist and sleek.

The basic offer in the Helsinki range is ideal for smaller parking sites as it provides central functions and features in a compact model. Minimalist and sleek.

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Helsinki Wall

Bringing accessibility to all sites

The Helsinki Wall can fit in the smallest corners of any facility and is even more compact than its basic counterpart. Of course it still provides our Simplyflow payment journey and comes in our characteristic minimal design.

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The best payment journey in the market

Paying for a parking session should be quick and uncomplicated, which is why we’ve developed a foolproof payment journey that lets customers pay for their parking in less than 10 seconds. The interface is currently available in five languages (and counting!).

With our white label feature, the interface is customisable with your branding: logos, colours and typography can all be changed according to your preferences.

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Virtual payment machine

The same user-friendly payment journey, on your phone

We also offer a virtual version of our payment machine to those that prefer to pay using their smartphones, with the same intuitive and short user-journey that is characteristic from Simplyture. To access the virtual payment machine, customers have to scan a QR code in the parking facility and follow the instructions on screen. Customers can then pay from the convenience of their phones using a card, Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Note: This is different from using a 3rd party mobile app. We integrate with mobile payment apps for those that have them installed on their phones.

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