ANPR Cameras

Accuracy under all conditions

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ANPR cameras

Over 99,7% scanning accuracy

Scan license plates as visitors drive in and out of the facility. We use an advanced scanning algorithm that can detect license plates under all kinds of conditions: night and day, weather conditions such as rain, snow or fog.

For higher accuracy, we use 2 cameras per lane (entry and exit). This ensures the optimal rate where no cars drive in or out undetected.

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Smart matching algorithms

Our proprietary algorithms ensure the best scanning accuracy in the market

When a car drives in and the license plate is detected, a parking session is started and the transaction is automatically sent to the Administration platform.

Through rigorous testing, we have fine-tuned our matching algorithms so that cars get automatically checked into the platform the second they drive into the parking facility.

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Recognition technology AI

We have implemented AI to detect and fix potentially wrong scans

In the case of a possible wrong scan (i.e. when the license plate has more or less characters than what is common in the geographical area, or when the confidence is low), the system uses artificial intelligence and sends the scan to an external algorithm so it can be corrected.

This ensures that the accuracy level is even higher and up to an outstanding 99,9% in many carparks, setting us apart from the crowd.

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