The intelligent parking marketplace

Rent out parking spots

Sell parking subscriptions to your carparks.

Manage your subscriptions

Have access to a comprehensive platform with all your facilities, subscriptions, and visitors. Edit, delete or add new subscriptions or carparks. See a dashboard with all your carparks’ financial data, and more.

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Parkicar for end-users

Using an interactive map, users can look for a carpark that suits their needs in their preferred location and buy a subscription.

They will then have access to their own end-user administration platform that lets them manage their license plates, payment information, subscription rules and limitations, upcoming payments, and more. Users with an active subscription will be able to park in the facility within the limitations of the subscription(s).

Parkicar for owners / operators

As a carpark operator you will be able to edit your facilities and subscriptions as you wish. You can add specific limitations to your subscriptions (i.e. private subscription for employees, weekend-only, night only,…), validate, message or ban a specific user or groups of users, and have full access to a comprehensive data overview that includes financials, payments, user information and payment status. With this data, you can understand and optimise your facility and increase revenue.

Why use Parkicar?

With Simplyture and Parkicar’s partnership and integration, you get unbeatable benefits: You only pay per transaction and the prices change dynamically based on volume; there’s no setup cost (unless you opt for custom white label with your branding); and it’s so easy to use and manage your subscriptions, you will have more time for what really matters.

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