Loyalty programmes

Integrate parking with your loyalty club

By connecting your loyalty programmes with our parking administration platform, you can give perks to customers that park in the facility, such as discounts or even free parking to those who visit specific stores, who go to the cinema, visit the food court, and so much more.

All customers have to do is enter their license plates when they sign up to your loyalty club. By doing so, whenever the ANPR cameras detect the car upon drive-in, the benefits will be activated.

Not only will your customers have more incentives to return to your facility, but this will also increase sign-ups to your loyalty club.

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Customer adds license plate to their user account to access member exclusive benefits

Benefits are activated automatically upon arrival at the facility

Mobile payment API

We can integrate with your mobile app

Do you have your own parking management / payment app and want to reach a wider audience? We can integrate your app with our parking management system. As soon as the customer drives in, our ANPR cameras will send the parking transaction instantly and direct to your app.

Customers will then be able to manage their parking sessions and pay through your app. With our intelligent API, integrating your app with our solutions is really easy!

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Reservation platforms

Integration with your online platforms

If you have an online reservation platform for a restaurant, hotel or venue carpark, you can integrate with our API so that customers who enter their license plate number during the registration process can also reserve a parking spot for the duration of their stay. This integration will also you update in real-time whenever one of the registered license plates drives into your facility, and you can send them specific messages, perks or discounts upon arrival.

The options are endless!

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Parking enforcement

No more unpaid tickets or lost revenue

We can automatically send information about any unpaid parking transactions to parking enforcement companies so that they handle the debt collection. This ensures that every customer is charged fairly for their time in the parking facility.

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