Obtain parking data

and optimise your facility

Our parking platform offers unparalleled data insights about your parking facility and its visitors. By collecting real-time data information regarding the parking activity and your customers, you will be able to make smart decisions and improve your business.

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Smart parking insights

Parking data

The platform collects information about the parking facility, turnover, payment status, parking duration, and many others. Understand what is going on in your facility at all times.


By understanding the occupancy rate in your parking facility, you will be able to see what the peak hours are, and when your facility is rather empty. Analysing this information can help you optimise your pricing structure and improve occupancy rates.

Customer insights

Understand your customers

Obtain demographic information from your customers, such as: where they come from, age group, gender, frequency of visit and duration. Knowing more about your customers allows you to target your marketing efforts better.


The platform collects financial data regarding turnover, completed and outstanding payments. This allows you to identify issues, improve your parking management and increase profit.

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