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Let visitors pay for their parking as they drive out of the facility

Allow customers to pay as they leave the facility with our InfoPay solution. The infopay is placed next to the exit barrier so it only opens when the payment is validated in our system. Drivers have the option to pay using their phones (Apple Pay, Google Pay) or card (contactless or by entering the card pin). The solution includes a help button and speakers.

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Idle screen


Farewell message

Payment accepted


Farewell message

Payment missing


Incorrect Scan

Car undetected


Incorrect Scan

Enter license plate


Give more autonomy to your visitors

The infocom is a self-help kiosk developed for solutions where an exit barrier is necessary. By placing the infocom by the exit, visitors will be notified of their payment status or any other relevant information before they drive out of the facility. It also allows for self-help by letting customers correct their license plates in case they were wrongly scanned.

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White label

Simply brand your infocom

With a simple to use and self-explanatory design, the Infocom solution has a user-friendly journey where less is more, characteristic of all our software solutions. All our interfaces are fully customisable with your branding (colours and typography) so that the infocom feels more “you”.

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