Simplyture has paved the way to London and is now available at Croydon Whitgift

We’re very happy to inform you that you can now find our parking solution at Croydon Whitgift. This shopping and office development center is located in Croydon, London. With 121,001 square meters and over 43 shops, Whitgift is a vast shopping center in London frequented daily by both shoppers and office workers.

A warm welcome to our new client, Slotsarkaderne

Slotsarkaderne is a beautiful shopping centre located alongside pedestrian streets in idyllic Hillerød. With 1.900 available parking spots, it offers both the largest and best located carpark for anyone visiting this fantastic town. And from now on, it also offers what is indisputably the best solution in the parking technology market.

Parking safety and Covid-19

As the whole world is entering into unprecedented times due to the current Covid-19 situation, we would like to let you know that we’re keeping everyone in our thoughts – not only our dear customers and their families, but also small businesses, healthcare professionals, the elderly, people with underlying health conditions, and anyone struggling with this situation.

Why we need Smart Parking Solutions

We live in smart cities, use smartphones all the time, read about smart homes and flying cars. Does it mean that everything is (or should be) smart?