Simplyture is excited to announce the integration of our parking solution with Parkman’s mobile application!

Parkman’s vision and values align with Simplyture’s: parking should be simple and stress-free. We believe that digitalization is paving the way towards the ultimate parking journey, where a great customer experience is the end goal.

Why ParkMan?

With over 250,000 users in Denmark alone and 160,000 monthly parking transactions in all major Danish cities, Parkman’s user-friendly application contributes to better customer service and increased earnings for carpark owners. If you want to give your visitors top-of-the-line parking and customer experience, give them the option to manage their parking sessions on the ParkMan app!

In terms of administration, there are no extra charges, as ParkMan is an integral part of existing Simplyture’s solution. You will even save money as there is no psp and acquiring cost!!!

Without any unnecessary expenses or increased administration, you will just have more and happier drivers choosing your carparks!

How it works

All customers have to do is drive into a parking facility with Simplyture’s solution in operation, and have the ParkMan app active on their phones.

1. Entry

When our ANPR cameras detect the license plate upon entry, the customer will automatically receive a notification on the phone. The parking session has started, and the customer is now able to easily monitor the parking session and manage the payment options in the app if they wish.

2. Exit

The payment for the parking session will be deducted automatically upon exit, as Simplyture’s cameras scan the license plate, ending the parking session.

Whether your facility offers a fully seamless solution, or one that thrives best with barriers, integrations with mobile apps offer convenience and versatility to customers that prefer digitalizing and automating the payment process for their parking sessions. By giving more autonomy, you are also increasing customer satisfaction.

If you want to add (more) payment options to your facility or if you have a parking payment app that is currently available in the Nordics or the UK and is not yet integrated with Simplyture, let’s have a chat!

Please get in touch if you want to offer ParkMan’s app for payments at your facility

An overview of Simplyture’s new sites in London

As a visitor, all you need to do is drive in, park, and enjoy your stay. Our smart ANPR-camera system detects the license plates as the cars drive in, and start the session. You can pay for your parking session either before or after leaving the carpark: by using one of Simplyture’s payment machines in the facility, and in some cases a mobile payment app or later online.

As a parking facility operator, our solution is so much easier and cheaper to install and maintain. As we have fewer movable parts and remove the need for tickets, Simplyture’s cloud-based solution is also better for the environment. We integrate with a comprehensive and easy-to-use Administration Facility where you will have access to real-time overview of your carpark(s) and will be able to manage them to the smallest detail from anywhere you wish. It’s that easy!

Smile – it’s just parking!

Simplyture’s solution is now even more present in the United Kingdom as we have just launched our free-flow system in three new facilities. We want to once again thank our friends in NCP for their confidence in our solution!

Simplyture’s free-flow parking solution

London Thomas More Square

Thomas More is the first new site we are presenting you: with 170 parking spaces available, this carpark is conveniently located next to Tower Hill, so that you can park the car right in the vibrant city centre and enjoy the many stunning sights London has to offer. This facility has Simplyture’s innovative Copenhagen Payment Machine, and if you want to pay from the comfort of your home, you can do so by heading to this page.

London Thomas More Square

1 Nesham Street, London, E1W 1YU

Visit page

London Bloomsbury Square

With an awesome location in the heart of central London, Bloomsbury Square has 450 parking spaces available for all your needs: whether you are going for a stroll in the city centre, want to see a theatre show or attend a business meeting, this carpark is perfect for your needs. Other than our Copenhagen Payment Machine where you can easily pay for your parking session, we have also implemented two Access Control devices for easy access to the facility by foot. Online payment is also available after leaving, by accessing this page.

London Bloomsbury Square

Underground Car Park, Bloomsbury Square Gardens, London, WC1A 2RJ

Visit page

London Marylebone Road

Another location in central London, the Marylebone Road carpark gives easy access to plenty of attractions, parks and transport links within short walking distance, from Baker Street to Madame Tussauds. Park in one of the 120 spaces to enjoy the fully free-flow parking experience and don’t forget to pay for your session in the Copenhagen Payment Machine, or afterwards here. We have also installed Access Control devices for even more convenient entry and exit.

London Marylebone Road

170 Marylebone Road, London, NW1 5AR

Visit page

If you are interested in learning more about Simplyture’s seamless parking solution or either of these facilities, contact us:

Launching Simplyture Sweden and Simplyture Finland! Meet our new country managers

In the beginning of this month, we welcomed two new subsidiaries to the Simplyture Group, Simplyture Sweden and Simplyture Finland, to aid our further expansion into the Nordic market.

We would like to introduce to you our new Country Managers Mikael Lindqvist from Sweden, and Patrick Lindeman from Finland.

Mikael Lindqvist has extensive experience within the parking industry, having worked with Sales and Development for almost 15 years, both on the Operations side and also together with property owners and developers.

“The paradigm shift from heavy investments and cost-driven parking systems to camera-based solutions has been here for a few years now.

Simplyture’s products and services really simplify the experience for end customers, while at the same time offering operators, property owners and public companies new tools and platforms that help them to effortlessly manage their parking facilities.

It is with pride and joy that I look forward to representing and creating growth for Simplyture in Sweden.”

– Mikael Lindqvist

Patrick Lindeman has been working for almost 12 years in the commercial parking management business, mainly in Sales and Marketing, being a significant part of its growth in Finland.

“As I see it, the market has been in a turning phase for a while, towards more consumer friendly ANPR and frictionless smart parking solutions.

I know the commercial parking business in Finland and its cluster very well. I have during recent years been working with the solution providers, landlords, construction companies, investors and the property management companies.

I look very much forward to establish Simplyture in Finland and offer its top-quality solutions for the market.”

– Patrick Lindeman

We are extremely excited to work with Mikael and Patrick and see what the future brings us. A warm welcome to our new colleagues and to many victories!

If you wish to get in touch with Mikael Lindqvist (Simplyture Sweden), please call +46 73 424 21 28 or write to If you want to contact Patrick Lindeman (Simplyture Finland), call +358 50 3835635 or send a message to

The free-flow parking solution that is revolutionising the industry

Simplyture Parking Intelligence is an ANPR camera-based parking solution that removes the need for barriers, tickets and outdated hardware components. All customers have to do is drive in, enjoy their stay, and then pay for their parking either before (via payment machines or 3rd party apps) or after they leave the facility, online.

As a carpark operator, you have access to a comprehensive Administration Platform where you can manage all aspects of your facility in real-time: overview of metrics like turnover & occupation, dynamic pricing structures, hardware surveillance, management of contract / whitelist customers, issue promocodes, see geographic and demographic data – and so much more!

Our solution removes a lot of the complexities associated with parking and improves the customer experience for everyone. With fewer hardware components and movable parts, our solution is cheaper to install and maintain. With intelligent data insights, you will be able to market your facility more intelligently and increase your revenue.  Smile – it’s just parking!

Interested? Contact us:

Simplyture Sweden:

Mikael Lindqvist | | +46 73 424 21 28

Maria Prästgårdsgata 47, 118 52 Stockholm


Simplyture Finland:

Patrick Lindeman | | +358 50 3835635 

Katajaharjuntie 22 C15, 00200 Helsinki

Visit the luxurious Skøyen Atrium in Oslo and enjoy Simplyture’s free-flow parking solution

The Scandinavian style and material selection with cutting-edge technical solutions make Skøyen Atrium, an attractive workplace. It has all the important facilities gathered under one roof for a thriving office journey, from conference rooms to dining.

Skøyen Atrium is owned by Schage Eiendom AS.

Park Nordic is operating the 270 space indoor parking facility and we’re proud to announce that Simplyture is the chosen supplier of an intelligent, customer friendly and seamless parking journey.

Simplyture’s innovative free-flow solution is revolutionising the parking industry. We have masterfully curated a futuristic, cheaper and environmentally-friendly solution to the parking conundrum: by removing tickets and outdated hardware solutions, with this cloud-based ANPR camera solution customers merely have to park their cars upon entering the facility and enjoy their time at Skøyen Atrium without worrying about fines, unfair parking charges, congestion and slow entry/exit times – our smart system will calculate their pricing taking into account any pre-made reservations or parking contracts, and all the customer needs to do is pay for the parking session either at one of Simplyture’s payment machines, or using EasyPark’s mobile payment app. It’s that simple!

We are extremely thankful to Skøyen Atrium for believing in our solution, and for also believing that their visitors deserve the best and easiest parking journey.

Visit Skøyen Atrium

Drammensveien 145-147



For more information, visit Skøyen Atrium’s webpage

If you are interested in learning more about Simplyture’s seamless parking solution, contact us:

P-Huset Levysgade: a new concept in parking, and introducing Parkicar

This car park, now live, operates with a single entry/exit lane. The customer’s license plate is registered by Simplyture’s ANPR cameras upon entry, not requiring tickets nor any action by the customer. Before leaving, the customer simply pays for the parking session in the payment machine by the exit. Otherwise, if the customer uses the ParkPark payment app, then the payment will be deducted automatically in the app, and there will be no further actions required by the customer prior to exiting the facility.

Before leaving the facility, customers can pay before they leave using Simplyture’s modern Copenhagen payment machine right by the entry/exit.

If the visitor leaves the facility without paying, they can still pay for the parking session within 48 hours by heading to and entering their license plate, thanks to the integration with Simplyture’s Pay for Parking i-frame solution. This solution allows for a larger time frame for the customer to pay for the parking session from the comfort of their own house, thus enhancing the parking journey and ensuring that even the most forgetful customers can avoid leaving their sessions unpaid and receiving any subsequent fines.

For the first time, we have also integrated a parking facility with a parking marketplace platform: Parkicar. By heading to the marketplace, regular visitors can book and pay for a parking subscription in advance. This intuitive platform makes it extremely easy for customers to buy a parking subscription that they can easily edit/cancel at any time. If they have an active subscription, they can then drive in and out of the facility as they wish, without worrying about paying. Our system will automatically detect that the license plate is registered in Parkicar as they drive in, and therefore not open a parking transaction for them.

With all the different options and possibilities, we want to maximize the comfort of both end users and car park operators, by removing the hassle of old-school parking and offering multiple payment and subscription methods. We work hard everyday to improve our current solutions and offer new developments.

Visit P-huset Levysgade

Levysgade 8,

8700 Horsens


Marketplace and digital administration of subscription parking

The Parkicar marketplace is a brand new parking platform where users browse, buy and edit their own parking subscriptions. All they have to do is pick a parking facility at their chosen location, choose the subscription that fits their needs, register their car(s) and pay for the subscription. They are then free to park as much as they want within the subscription limits.

From the car park operator point of view, Parkicar offers an easy-to-use Administration Platform, where operators can add, edit or delete parking facilities and subscription packages; validate individual users and check payment status; and have access to real-time overview of their facilities and financials.

If you are interested in submitting your parking facilities to Parkicar, or have any questions regarding Parkicar and what specific benefits the marketplace would bring you, feel free to contact us.



Simplyture has paved the way to London and is now available at Croydon Whitgift

Whitgift’s parking area is open 24 hours a day, with 1.059 available parking spots. Thanks to the newly implemented Simplyture solution, customers can now pay for their parking sessions using one of the user-friendly Simplyture payment machines. Our free flow solution has removed barriers and tickets and makes the parking experience simple, quick, and hassle-free. Come and try for yourself!

You can now experience Simplyture’s frictionless parking solution in the UK.

This is Simplyture’s exciting debut in the United Kingdom, branching out from the Nordics and operating in a brand-new territory. We want to thank NCP for the warm welcome, for trusting Simplyture and for being such a great partner to us:

I cannot understate how significant this expansion is to our growth. I am so thankful for my new friends and partners in NCP for the opportunity for such a fantastic collaboration. I am looking forward to see what the future brings us!

Jonas Ørting, Simplyture CEO

Thanks to this incredible vote of confidence, our motivation and spirits are higher than ever before and our team is working hard to ensure that this transition goes smoothly with new integrations and innovations that will make the parking experience even smoother for everyone.

Visit Whitgift Croydon

21 North End



Smile, it’s just parking!

We offer a unique parking management system that uses ALPR cameras to detect license plates with over 99% accuracy, replacing the need for barriers, tickets, and expensive hardware. The customers just have to park their car, and pay before they leave.

Our solution; Simplyture Parking Intelligence, is currently being used by the biggest shopping centres, airports and hospitals in the Nordics. Our solution is cheap to install and maintain, highly-customisable, and lets operators manage their facilities down to the last detail.

At Simplyture we believe that integrating other services with parking can improve the experience for customers, giving them more reasons to return and enjoy the frictionless parking experience with benefits while at the same time increase revenue for parking operators. 

We are world leaders in our field and continuously add more functionalities to further improve our solution.

David Stone, Head of Simplyture UK

David Stone

Based in Bristol, David Stone is no stranger to working on large international projects. David has over 30 years of work experience within the Parking industry from Development and Production, to Service, Project Management, Operation and Sales. His experience of working with several parking system manufacturers has already proven to be incredibly valuable for Simplyture, and his work with big parking operators in the UK has helped us connect bridges and boost our expansion into the UK market.

David is passionate, friendly and knowledgeable in all things parking. If you want to have a chat with David over a nice cup of coffee, feel free to contact him over the phone or e-mail:

+44 (0)07776 278429 |

If you have any questions about our Frictionless Parking Solution, feel free to ask us! We are happy to help!

A warm welcome to our new client, Slotsarkaderne

In a long due revolution, we are shaking what used to be an outdated industry:

We have worked hard to improve the parking journey for both visitors and operators and we hope to make everyone happy at Slotsarkaderne. We also want to thank Securitas for their ongoing cooperation with Simplyture. We are happy to be their partner and hope to continue this incredible partnership for many many years!

Visit Slotsarkaderne:

SlotsArkaderne 225

3400 Hillerød

28 30 31 70

There are no more excuses to stay in the past. If you want us to revolutionize your parking facility, drop us a line and we’ll come up with the best solution for you and your customers:

Do you want to experience the easiest parking journey in the market? Simplyture is now up and running in Amager Centret!

Our seamless FREE-FLOW system combines ANPR/ALPR cameras with an intelligent cloud-based administration tool and parking payment apps (EasyPark & PARKPARK) to deliver the most seamless parking experience for the visitors. Our administration platform lets carpark operators easily manage their facilities, from setting up and updating the pricing in real-time, issuing promotional codes, monitoring the hardware components, managing contracts, and so much more!

Visitors coming to Amager Centret should try one of our partner apps (EasyPark or PARKPARK) for the ultimate parking experience. By signing up and choosing automatic payment, customers do not need to do anything other than simply drive in and out, leaving the visitors with more time and focus on the shopping experience. It’s just so easy!

If visitors forget to pay for their parking session before driving out, it’s also no big deal. They can pay online for up to 48 hours after driving out of the facility on Amager Centret’s website. To read all the relevant parking information and access the online payment link, go here.

Here at Simplyture, we’re extremely happy to know that Amager Centret’s visitors are now enjoying the benefits of a fully free-flow parking: A stress-free client is a happy client! Thus, we recommend you to play real money blackjack to reduce your stress. Thanks to Amager Centret for trusting and choosing us.

Amager Centret’s facade and parking facility

Visit Amager Centret:

Reberbanegade 3,

2300 København S

If you want to join the growing list of shopping centers using Simplyture Parking Intelligence, reach out to us and we’ll see what we can do for your facility:

Visit Frederiksberg Centret and experience Simplyture’s revolutionary parking system – and also meet our brand-new payment terminals!

This award-winning shopping center is known for their innovation and design. And now, Frederiksberg Centret has chosen to implement our free-flow camera parking solution, to improve their customer experience. Simplyture Parking Intelligence removes barriers without compromising security, lowers installation and management costs due to fewer hardware components and allows full-management insight of the facility!  

Visitors to the shopping center are now able to simply drive in and park in one of the 450 parking spots and enjoy shopping in the 90 stores available as long as they want. Our cameras register the car upon drive-in, and then calculate the pricing automatically. All the customer really needs to do is enjoy their time in this beautiful shopping center, and then either pay at our machines, through our partner apps (EasyPark & PARKPARK) or online at home.

This solidifies Simplyture as the nr. 1 chosen parking solution for shopping centers in the Nordics – you can also find us up and running in Denmark’s and Norway’s largest shopping centers: Fields, Fisketorvet, Bruuns Galleri, Sandvika Storsenter, and many others! Simplyture is successfully registering and managing hundreds of thousands of parking transactions every day, relieving the work load of carpark operators and making the parking experience more pleasant for everyone.

Lastly, we are also happy to share with everyone our newest top-of-the-line payment machine, Copenhagen:

Developed after countless meetings and input from several customers and experts, Copenhagen is the new exciting addition to our catalogue: an extremely minimalistic design where you can find what matters and nothing else. Every single component is carefully placed and adequately protected to ensure maximum durability and user-friendliness. We believe this is the culmination of our efforts to develop the absolute best payment machine in the parking industry and we are enormously proud to finally release it and have people enjoy the smoothest parking journey in the market.

Do you want to try it for yourself?

Visit Frederiksberg Centret:

Falkoner Allé 21

2000 Frederiksberg

Tlf: +45 38 16 03 40

If you want to join the list of satisfied clients and implement Simplyture Parking Intelligence in your own facility without hassle, reach out to us:

We’re launching in Norway’s biggest shopping center: Sandvika Storsenter

You can now enjoy the full Simplyture Parking Intelligence experience by parking your car in one of the 2,500 available parking spaces. Thanks to our fully ticketless and hassle-free parking solution, paying for your parking session is now the last thing on your mind thanks to how simple it really is: as a visitor, you are entitled to 3 hours of free parking, and if you do happen to stay longer you can easily pay at the facility before leaving using one of our brand new and modern payment machines, or through the Parklink app on your smartphone. You do not have to pick up any tickets or wait for bothersome barriers, as our system automatically detects your license plate and calculates your parking price. That’s all there is to it, really – enjoy your shopping!

Visit Sandvika Storcenter and park with Simplyture’s free flow solution!

Brodtkorbsgate 7

1338 Sandvika