Enjoy the new seamless parking solution at Field’s Shopping Center

29/04/2019 08:08

Field’s, located in Copenhagen and known for being one of the largest shopping centers in Scandinavia, has now improved its parking facility by choosing Simplyture’s Parking Intelligence as their parking solution. The new solution is now live – come and try it!

With over 2500 parking spots, every client has now fewer of the pains commonly associated with parking. The system is completely hassle and barrier-free. Advanced ANPR cameras will detect the clients’ license plate numbers and all they have to do is park their cars, and then pay as they leave the facility by using one of our 9 modern payment machines, the EasyPark app, or online up to 48 hours after their visit. It’s really simple! Even better – clients going to Nordisk Film Biograf can obtain 4 hours of free parking while they watch a movie.

Attending an event at Royal Arena next door? It’s now easier to skip queues and save time as our barrier-free solution allows for quick and convenient parking where you don’t have to wait for barriers to open and close.

We would like to thank Klépierre and Parkzone for their constant support and vital help in making sure that parking is as effortless as possible. We hope for everyone to have a pleasant visit at Field’s!